Let's talk the dirty on nail salon hygiene practices

Let's talk the dirty on nail salon hygiene practices

There’s almost no better feeling than walking away from the nail salon with a beautiful manicure and pedicure (IYKYK). It’s one tiny change that can make you feel like a new and improved version of yourself. But have you ever stopped to think about the hygiene and safety standards in your favourite nail salon and also within the industry at large? At BUFF, we certainly have. That’s why BUFF is a hygiene-first studio, boasting some of the most hygienic nail salons in Melbourne. But what is a hygiene-first nail studio exactly? Let’s take a look at BUFF’s Hygiene-first approach.


An unregulated industry

Something you may be surprised to learn, is that the only specific health and safety regulations for nail salons in Australia is that they must have a sink installed. That’s it. 

This lack of standardisation means there are no legal repercussions for those that don't meet basic hygiene standards. The onus is on the business to decide how clean they want to be, and this void is part of the problem. In essence, you don't have a guarantee of high hygiene standards but at BUFF, you do.


The BUFF Difference

We've decided to be the change we wish to see in the industry. We believe that beautiful nails should never come at the expense of hygiene and health. Our commitment to hygiene begins with the basics; each desk is thoroughly disinfected after every customer, ensuring a fresh start for each client, our Nail Artists always wear gloves and change them between clients and cleaning, our foot bowls are always disinfected after a pedicure, and most importantly, we sterilise our tools between each customer. 


Tools of the Trade: Sterile and Safe

When it comes to tools, we don’t cut any corners (only cuticles). The tools we use have undergone rigorous sterilisation processes:

  1. Tools are hand cleaned in hot water with disinfectant.
  2. They are placed into an ultrasonic machine for five minutes before being set aside to dry
  3. Finally, they are placed in a sterilisation pouch and sterilise them in our Autoclave machine for 15 minutes at 134 degrees.

The Autoclave is where the magic happens. This handy little machine kills 99.8% of pathogens and bacteria, assuring you the highest possible safety. Knowing that every tool is treated this way is a matter of utmost importance for us, and it should be for you too.


A Clean Studio Speaks Volumes

A clean and well-kept studio says a lot about its hygiene standards. When you step into BUFF, you can trust that each station is impeccably clean and that your health is our top priority. We maintain this high standard through constant disinfection and upkeep. And it's not just the tools; it's everything from the seating to the nail products.


Your Role in the Cleanliness Quest

We believe in transparency when it comes to hygiene. So don't hesitate to ask your Nail Artist about their cleanliness procedures. After all, your health is your right, and we're here to uphold that. If it isn’t possible to visit a BUFF Studio, don’t be afraid to ask your nail technician to talk you through their hygiene practices. It’s these conversations that will help change the industry for the better. 

BUFF is on a mission to shift the nail industry by making hygiene our top priority. While the industry may lack specific regulations, we set our own standards to ensure the health and safety of our customers. When you choose BUFF, you're not just choosing beautiful nails; you're choosing the most hygienic nail salons in Melbourne. Your health and safety are number one, and that's what sets us apart in the nail industry.

Join us in this journey to redefine nail care standards, because your beauty should never come at the expense of your health and well-being. At BUFF, we're changing the nail game, one hygienic nail service at a time.