Every question you've ever wanted to ask your Nail Artist

Every question you've ever wanted to ask your Nail Artist


At BUFF, we believe in keeping things transparent, accessible and easy to understand. That’s why we’re getting real, addressing nail care tips and tricks and spilling studio secrets in this blog post, Everything You’ve Ever Wanted To Ask Your Nail Technician. From “Should I stop biting my nails?” to “How do I know what nail shape is best for me?”, we’re diving deep into all your nail questions—the good, the bad, and the taboo. 

Do I have to let my nails ‘breathe’ between manicures?

You've probably heard the age-old advice about letting your nails ‘breathe’ between gel polish sessions. Let's clear the air once and for all: nails aren't living tissue, so they don't actually breathe. Instead of giving your nails breaks, you should focus on gentle polish removal. Proper removal keeps your nails looking their best without worrying about sensitivity. That’s why we typically use a combination method of gentle file and soak off process. We also offer Waterless Pedicures, which are more hygienic, offer a superior finish, and allow your polish to last even longer.

Should I stop biting my nails?

First of all, BUFF is a judgement-free zone, so there’s no shame in whatever nail concerns you may have. Nail biting is very common, so please don’t ever let it deter you from getting your nails done. Is it ideal? Not really. There’s a bacteria party happening under your nails. Nail biting can also damage your nail which can increase the risk of infection. The good news is, if you’d like to stop biting your nails, we can help. With regular treatments and a game-changing product called Builder In a Bottle (BIAB), you may even kick your habit to the curb. BIAB delivers strong, stunning results in just a few weeks and may deter you from biting your nails as often, if ever.

Should I cut my own cuticles?

Think of cuticles like your nails' security detail, keeping things protected and in line. Trimming dead skin is totally fine, but when it comes to the whole cuticle, that’s a precision job best left to the professionals. Let us handle it, ensuring your cuticles stay in good condition and so you avoid pain and infections. 

I’m embarrassed by the state of my feet. Should I still book a pedicure?

Feet are your trusty companions, working hard to navigate life's tough terrain—literally and figuratively. Cracks, calluses, or whatever foot quirks you've got—we've seen it all and we would never judge. In fact, we’d like to see you more often. Regular studio visits (every 6-8 weeks) keep foot-related dramas in check. And if there is something more serious going on, like an infection or ingrown toenail for example, we’d recognise it early and point you in the right direction. 

What are some of your Nail Artists’ nail care tips and tricks?

We’ll let you in on an industry secret: It's all about hydration, hydration, hydration. Cuticle oil and hand cream are secret weapons for BUFF Nail Artists, ensuring our hands stay silky smooth and protected. We also treat our nails with TLC and avoid using them as multi-tools (please don’t open cans with your nails!). Consistency is a nail’s best friend, and it shows. 

How do I know what nail shape is best for me?

This nail chart will give you a good understanding of nail shapes and the recommended shape for your nail:


Dreaming of almond-shaped nails? It's a sleek choice, but not for everyone. The secret is to look at your cuticle line. It holds the key to your ideal shape. But again, it’s all about balance and finding what suits your unique style. So don’t be afraid to play around with it. 

What are my nail options and how do I know which treatment to book at BUFF?

Here’s a handy little table that explains all of our available treatments and what is best for your particular concerns or aesthetic choices. 


How do I look after my nails between studio visits?

Your nail journey isn't just about studio visits, although we do recommend visiting regularly for best results. Here's a contemporary routine for home nail pampering:

  • Daily: Keep your nails hydrated with cuticle balm and hand cream, especially before hitting the sheets.
  • Weekly: Pamper your nails with a gentle exfoliation and a cuticle scrub. Keep those cuticles in check by gently pushing them back.
  • Once a Month: Elevate your home nail spa with a deep hydration hand mask. Strengthen your nails with a quality nail hardener—a game-changer for nail health.


How often should I get my nails done?

To keep those nails in tip-top shape, this is how often you should visit BUFF:

  • Manicure: Spoil yourself every 2-4 weeks
  • Pedicure: Treat your feet every 6-8 weeks

Life is busy, and if you can’t make it in that often, chat to your Nail Artist about the options that best suit your schedule and maintenance level.

And there you have it—real talk about nails once and for all. At BUFF, we ensure that you possess all the nail care tips and tricks you require for your most beautiful nails. Have more questions or need a little extra nail love? We're always excited to help you—no questions are off the table.